What to Check Before You Call
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What to Check Before You Call

Sometimes the solution to your air conditioning problem is simple. Here is a list of easy to spot problems.
1. Your filter is dirty or absent.
2. There is furniture and other items blocking your return air.
3. Your circuit breaker at your breaker box is off.
4. Your inside unit should create condensation. Is the drain stopped up? Do you clean it out regularly?
5. If your inside unit is in the attic, is your secondary pan filled and triggering a shut-off?
6. Is water running out of your condensation drain. If your outside pipe is dry and your unit is running, check for blockage.
7. Does your thermostat have a battery? Is it good?
A service call costs money. You may be able to check some or all of these items yourself. If not, call us and we can help. It has been reported that 80 percent of the problems are electrical.Checking the refrigerant can release some of it, so have that done on a when needed basis..